What is CDN?

Today, a page that takes several seconds to appear on the screen, will cause the user to lose patience and abandon it, to find elsewhere what they are looking for. After all, everything is just a few clicks away on the Internet, so why wait if you can go to another site with little effort? In turn, the user experience influences the SEO of a website, since Google penalizes pages that take too long to load, precisely because of its negative effect on this factor.

Until we discover that the CDN’s exist!

Unlike other optimizations made on resources or components installed on the web server or in WordPress, external servers are involved with a CDN, which interact with the web server to accelerate the download of a web page and, consequently, the speed of browsing.

Advantages of a Content Delivery Network:
  • The CDN is essential to serve users around the world, either to offer file downloads or to implement web sites and applications.
  • If you or your customers want to reach an international audience, the CDN allows you to accelerate the loading of pages, improve response times and user experience, protect data, improve website positioning and reduce width consumption of band in each of the countries. .
  • The return on investment can be obtained very soon from the beginning of the international dissemination of the contents.

And without CDN?

Without CDN, the request of a user located in Fort Worth must, at each connection to the website, travel a much longer journey (as long as the distance that separates it from the website's hosting location).

Imagine that this website is hosted in Europe: the loading time would have been necessarily longer. Thus, the main advantage of the CDN is that it reduces latency by bringing websites and applications closer to its users and freeing up the servers and bandwidth that connects them to the internet.