What is E-commerce?

Let's first ask you what you do on the Internet, then later you will tell what happens on e-commerce -

  1. Do you shop online?
  2. Do you use internet banking?
  3. Do you download software from the internet?
  4. Do you recharge online?
  5. Do you read online magazines?
  6. Do you sell used items on OLX and Quikr?
  7. Do you see advertisements on the Internet?
  8. Do you book tracks online?
  9. Do you order food online?

If you do one of these things, then you also use e-commerce, yes doing business through internet is called e-commerce whether buying or selling goods. Along with this, games, videos, e-books, search, domain name service, e-learning or e-education on the Internet also comes under e-commerce. That is, all the areas through which he avails financial benefits by providing facilities to customers and also those areas in which e-commerce can be availed through advertisement by not exchanging money directly. Today, we use e-commerce through the internet, so the website you use during this time is called e-commerce website.

E-commerce in most of the Countries
The e-commerce sector in India is growing very fast. Revenue from e-commerce in the year 2017 was approximately US $ 39 billion and it is estimated that this amount will increase to US $ 120 billion by 2020. If we talk about percentage, then this industry is growing at 51 percent per year, which is much faster than the rest of the countries.


Talking about the biggest benefit of e-commerce, it is that it enhances convenience. One can easily buy large items like TV, fridge, and AC in a few minutes while sitting at home. E-commerce has proved to be a boon for those who are often busy. Now as before, even without going to the market every week, people can easily meet their needs. Moreover, many websites also deliver vegetables and fruits. Within a few hours of placing an order, you can get vegetables and fruits right from your home.

For Ex. When you buy a product online, you are given complete information about the product. If you want to order a mobile phone, then you are told in detail about all its details like its processor, memory etc. With its help, you can buy the product not according to the custom, but according to its specialty.

A Good Option For Start-up:

People interested in business can easily start-up. Opening an online store is much easier than a physical store and can be easily handled. Funds also have to be employed in this and this is a good option for a part-time or full-time job.

Payment Easily:

A big advantage of e-commerce is that you can easily pay for any service if you take advantage of it. You are given several options for payment. You can get the money deducted from your bank account. If you order a product online, you can also make payment at the time of delivery. Now many websites also offer the option of paying on EMI. In this, you have to give all the money not at one time but in the form of interest at the given time.

Can Compare Product Or Price:

If you buy a product online, you can compare its price and its specifications with other websites and sellers. With this you get the product at a reasonable price. Apart from this, you can also get a discount on that product with the help of coupons.

Easy Return Policy:

If you do not like the salmon or product delivered or there is a defect in it, then you can easily replicate or return it. For this, you just have to go to the website and click on the return and with one click you can return or replicate the product within the stipulated time.

Easily Access:

Internet today is spread in every corner of the country and with its help you can avail online services anywhere and anytime.


If you buy something from the shops, many times you are charged more money and you cannot do anything without knowing it. But in the world of e-commerce no one charges you extra. And even if this happens to you, you can easily report to such a seller.

Disadvantages of E-commerce

Defect In Product:

Friends, as you now know, e-commerce is virtual commerce. Many times when shopping online, many salmon are defective or spoiled. If you take clothes from the market, you can physically check it by touching it. Apart from this, you can also try him by going to the changing room. But this is not possible in the world of e-commerce. You cannot physically check products. However, you can return or replace them if they are defective. But this entire process is prolonged.

Product Delivery Takes A Long Time:

Many times it takes more time for shipment of the product so that we do not get our product on time. This is the biggest drawback of e-commerce. A floated dress for marriage is found many times after marriage. This causes inconvenience to the consumer.

Hacking Risk:

When buying an online product, you have to provide many personal details such as credit card details, your personal mobile number and address. Applying such information in the wrong hands can cause problems like data leakage. I would like to advise you that whenever shopping online, always do it from a trustworthy website.

Scope of e-commerce

Electronic commerce is not limited to online shopping and selling. It is just like a normal business, which has different stages like developing, marketing, selling, delivering, paying all these are included. There has been a lot of increase in Internet users here, about 300 million people have started using the Internet, which makes India the third largest country in terms of Internet users. Recently, we and you are witness that instead of going to the market to buy goods, people have started ordering goods sitting at home. People are becoming comfortable. This is the reason that online shopping is being lost among people instead of direct shopping.

There has been a tremendous rise in the field of electronic commerce in India. Our country has witnessed the success stories of online electronic stores. If you talk after eating, then there has been a lot of increase in online sales in the field of fashion and electronics. The field of electronic commerce has opened up a new niche for traders.

Let us know what are the scopes in this area:
  • e-commerce The number of Internet users is increasing considerably due to the decrease in internet spending.
  • e-commerce Customers can be easily attracted by giving facilities like cash on delivery to customers as well as the facility of 15-30 returns.