What is a SEO?

These techniques, and their relevance to improve positioning, are diverse and changing depending on the continuous evolution of search engines.

The most visited website in the world is Google, the second, YouTube, and both are search engines. This gives an idea of ​​the importance of traffic coming from search engines for any website.

You also want your piece of that cake and, if possible, as large as possible, why?
If you have a website, whatever it is, a blog, YouTube channel, online store, etc., there is a harsh reality that you must have very clear:
  • If you do not do SEO, it is likely that your website never takes off because, with exceptions, you will probably never get that critical mass of audience that you need to start creating that “snowball” effect that makes a web really take off.
  • This reality is increasingly true because there are more and more websites and they all compete for the same space in the search results. Among them there are also more and more that do actively work SEO for not their positioning in random search engines.
  • You may be scared of the challenge I am facing, but believe me, it is not so complicated to implement SEO to achieve results. And if you really apply with the help of CodingBit, I assure you that you will also receive a gigantic reward.