What is a SMM?

It is about promoting a website, brand, company or product on social networks with direct marketing techniques, using links or ads for pay per impression or click. Currently, it is possible to perform direct advertising through the advertising platforms on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin.

Something to highlight is the great segmentation capacity that social platforms allow, including specific criteria based on the data that we indicate in our own profile or in comments in publications or content that we share.

They are the acronym for "Social Media Marketing". It is to use social media to carry out some promotion, through the creation of profiles and other strategies.

This type of advertising is easy to implement. All you have to do is create one or more ads, consisting of an image and a text, choose and segment our target audience. This is one of the most complex parts, since to reach exactly the people you want, you have to know how to segment precisely and choose those interests and demographic data that are most appropriate. After this, you just have to select the payment method and your ad will be ready