Which one is better WordPress or CodeIgniter?

WordPress is the world's leading CMS (Content Management System). Many websites and blogs that use this forum already do. WordPress is one of the most popular platforms that bloggers, small businesses, and large businesses can easily use. WordPress is easy to use and well structured. For blogs, WordPress is the platform of choice, so you should use WordPress.

Which one is faster, reliable and secure – WordPress or Codeigniter?

Answer is always Codeigniter. Wordpress is easy to use. Wordpress websites get infected by a virus which is obviously from a third party plugin. There is no standard developer community and practices for plugin development and hence one can easily enter and infect your code and server. There is a huge possibility to compromise with security while using wordpress applications.

Can we convert Wordpress website to Codeigniter ?

Yes! CodingBit can help you . As there is no standard platform available for this. Our team can convert your wordpress website to codeigniter by using standard coding practices.

Convert Any Wordpress Website To Codeignitor