What is a website?

A website (in English website or website) is a site (location) on the World Wide Web that contains documents (web pages) organized hierarchically. Each document contains text and / or graphics that appear as digital information on a computer screen.

Each website has a home page (in English Home Page), which is the first document that the user sees when they enter the website by putting the domain name of that website in a browser.

Sometimes the term web page is misused to refer to a website. A web page is part of a website and is a single file with an assigned file name, while a website is a set of files called web pages.

If we compared it with a book, a website would be the entire book and a web page of that website would be a chapter of that book; it would be a chapter and not a book page because it is often necessary to scroll down on the screen to see the entire content of a web page, just like in a book you scroll through several pages to see the entire content of a chapter.

Static Website Development :

It is one that is composed of a series of files that contain the HTML code that constitutes the page itself and that allow to display texts, images, videos etc. that make up the content of the page. Static Web sites are those sites focused mainly on displaying permanent information, where the navigator limits himself to obtaining said information, without being able to interact with the visited Web page, static Web sites are mainly built with hyperlinks or links between Web pages that make up the site, this type of Web are unable to support Web applications such as database managers, forums, online queries, smart e-mails.

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It stands out for its simplicity, speed, comfort and, above all, for being the cheapest way to have a professional website. The great disadvantage of static websites lies in how laborious their update is as well as the loss of powerful tools supported with databases, such as the creation of historical customer records, orders online. The update process is slow, tedious and essentially manual. You cannot use features such as databases, forums, etc. Large number of possibilities in its design and development.

What is a dynamic web page?

A dynamic website is one that contains applications within the website itself, providing greater interactivity with the navigator. Examples of dynamic applications are surveys and voting, support forums, guest books, sending intelligent e-mails, product reservation, online orders, personalized customer service ...

It is important not to confuse multimedia and interactivity, with dynamic pages. A static web page can be multimedia (containing various types of video, sound, images ...) and interactive media through links and hyperlinks, without being dynamic by it. In dynamic pages, content is usually generated at the time of viewing, and this may vary, while in static content is usually predetermined.

The important thing about this classification between dynamic and static, is that we will be able to store a static web page easily, while a dynamic one will not be so.

Recall a static web page will present:
  • Absolute opacity to the transparency or searches of the visitor to the page.
  • The update process is slow, tedious and essentially manual .
  • The user has no possibility of selecting, ordering or modifying the contents or design of the page to their liking .
  • To change the contents of the page, it is essential to access the server where the page is hosted.

While a dynamic web page:

Large number of possibilities in its design and development. You can alter the design, content or presentation of the page to your liking The update process is extremely simple, without the need to enter the server. It employs a large number of functionalities such as databases, forums, dynamic content, etc.