Hospital Management CRM / Medical Tourism
(E-Commerce , CRM , Salseforce , Zoho)

Client’s Background

Client is a successful businessman in the tourism sector. He wanted to implement the idea of Medical tourism for India.


Medical tourism is a term where people come to India from different countries for medical assistance and we provide facilities from booking flight tickets, hospital appointments, medication assistant, hotel stay, food everything.


  • Salseforce Integration
  • Zoho Integration API
  • Third Party Payment API
  • Firebase(Google API Integration)
  • SMS Gateway API
  • PHP/Codeigniter
  • MySQL Database, JSON,Structure Database
  • Javascript,Ajax,Jquery


Only hotel booking or hospital appointment booking is itself considered as a big project. We have implemented all these services under one roof. Portals have different logins and access levels need to maintain all the data from start to end.

Recommended Solution

We have impelemented API based system. For every end user we have provided (hybrid)app to manage his account. E.g. Hotel owner, Cab services, Airline ticket booking agents, Patient, Hospitals, Doctors etc. For both systems App and website we have write down the same code and call them from API’s. This makes the system more robust and fast. We have also provided interfaces and facilities to interact with external applications like Saleseforce, ZOHO etc because many expernal pentitarties (hospitals, airlines etc) use their own CRMs or readymade CRM solutions. This makes a more easy and user friendly experience for every entity in the system .

There are other solutions / enhancement / features :
  • Graphical and excel report for Admin, Hospitals, Transportals etc
  • Application provides multiple languages support to target audiences from multiple countries all over the world.
  • Improved user experience with clean design and handy features.
  • Integrated AI Chatbot for better understanding of patient’s queries.