E-Learning Portal
(E-Commerce, CRM ,AWS)

Client’s Background

Our client is a tech-savvy person who had decent working experience in a domain apart from website development. He quit his job and built a startup firm based upon an online learning portal.


Main aim was to provide an online learning portal at affordable cost which also provides internship for students. Where many students are struggling for good knowledge along with internship and certification, this platform provides everything. This platform still updates itself to achieve more fruitful results without compromising quality.


  • AWS Cloud API
  • Third Party Payment API
  • SMS Gateway API
  • PHP/Codeigniter
  • MySQL Database
  • Javascript,Ajax,Jquery

Problem Area

Every startup struggling with cost. One more major issue was security. Students are paying for videos and what if videos get downloaded?

Recommended Solution

E-commerce integration along with custom CRM. CRM solution that incorporates 3 sections (Front website, Student Portal & Admin Portal).System is highly secure in terms of video contents as we have given a solution to store videos on cloud ( AWS) and generate secure url with timestamp. Again, It's cost effective, secure and scalable solutions.

There are other solutions / enhancement / features :
  • Batch wise and day wise video streaming.
  • Rescheduling Batch.
  • Complementary/ Free courses at the time of purchase e.g. soft skill, basic technical courses.
  • Quiz with certification.
  • 1-to-1 communication with Admin (Q&A).
  • Coupons ,Discounts , Referral and Cash back.
  • Partners Programme.