NewsChannel App
(Hybrid Mobile App Development)

Client’s Background

Client is in media & communication. Having 20 Years of experience in Print Media. Now they are stepping into the Electronic Media with very limited knowledge of technology. They are running a local news channel.


They already had a news app but unfortunately they had a bad experience, they struggled a lot to make that smooth and simple to use. So it was a bit difficult for us to make them use the technology again. And fortunately we were able to satisfy them by running the app up to the mark. Client has a brand name and they wanted to build the app which will strengthen their ability.


  • Firebase(Google API Integration)
  • Cordova
  • Phonegap
  • PHP/Codeigniter
  • MySQL Database , JSON
  • Javascript , Ajax , Jquery

Recommended Solution

  • Builded a Strong and user friendly Administrative Panel by which user can maintain the data on a daily basis. Though it is a news channel we can imagine that it will get updated every minute, our aim was to make it simple to the user, for making changes continuously in terms of news, pictures, videos, push notification, etc. Simultaneously while doing this, making the system faster and simple with limited resources.
  • Dashboard with real time analytics insight.
  • In this app we have added a Digital Coupen System to attract more subscribers and promote local business.


  • 42% increase in subscribers as compare to their old app
  • 35% increase in revenue because of digital coupent system which promote business